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Ultimate Scuttle Search and brief process

This post is a give back to what I have taken from B&B and a quest to improve. Pyrex. Not pretty but works. Pictured below 1-cup Pyrex container, inside a 1-cup Pyrex measuring cup, inside a 1.75-quart Pyrex bowl. In addition, 2qty oversized washcloths from a Costco(24pk) rolled into a Ziploc bag


Step 1 below: soak brush in warm/hot tap water in 1-cup Pyrex container

Step 2 below: fill zip loc bag with 2 cups of water from tap and partially seal bag.

Step 3 below: fill Pyrex 1-cup measuring cup and 1.75-quart Pyrex container
with water from tap. Microwave for 8-9 minutes depending on your microwave.


Step 4 below: Return the near boiling Pyrex 1-cup measuring cup and 1.75-quart Pyrex container with water from the tap, to the sink.

Step 5 below: Empty water from the 1-cup Pyrex container. Your brush should now be completely soaked.

Step 6 below: Load it up with a soap of your choice, and/or work lather in the 1-cup container.

Step 7 below: Drop the 1-cup container in the 1-cup measuring cup, and take a shower... Your brush will be warm with steaming towels waiting for you out of the shower.

Total cost of Pyex including towels minus the brush less than $40

Please post what you think about this process and how it could be improved. I hope it generates some ideas.

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It seems like much more work than I would want to tackle each morning. I would encourage you to continue your Ultimate Scuttle Search for something a bit less complex. There are plenty of suggestions from other members that re-purpose chip bowls and such from Target, Walmart, etc. We also have a number of fans of Dirty Bird and Roberts Feats of Clay.

Have fun. Enjoy your journey.
Thank you Summersrl. I was not aware of Roberts Feats of Clay, but have been in contact with Dirty Bird and considered having a customized brush scuttle and englarged soap bowel to mimic the pyrex setup. Stoneware is much nicer looking. If my bathroom were slightly larger I would also add a small .5cuft microwave to set it up like a coffee machine on a timer.
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Can't go wrong with the Dirty Bird Brush Scuttle for a $32.

You mean $42? http://www.dirtybirdpottery.com/shavinggear.html

I found something at WalMart yesterday (can't find it on the internet) in the Lawn and Garden department (indoors) called a Better Homes and Gardens Self-Watering Pot for $5.00. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but it is a bowl within a bowl. You remove the bowl on top and fill the reservoir underneath, place the top bowl on top and plant your plant. The pottery glaze is missing from the inside of the lower bowl and under the lip of the top bowl. The idea is that a plant won't need watering for two weeks because moisture can seep through the unglazed pottery. I picked it up out of curiousity and will see if it would make a "poor man's scuttle." It might.
This was a concept idea to keep everything contained and use less water by not filling up the sink. The outer bowl is for the dirty blade.
3 or 4 dollar self watering flower pots from wally world work great and look good too


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Brush Scuttle, Soap Bowl
Click to enlarge
Brush Scuttle $32
(Designed for face latherers)

Keeps your brush hot for multiple passes
Stacks above or below our lather bowl for storage
Brush insert opening 2.75" tapering to 1.25", 3.25" deep

My mistake. You're using a different item than I was thinking about.
Bob, I like your flower pot. It would look nice in the bathroom. The insert has a flat bottom to work a lather. With a larger outer matching bowl it would be perfect for rinsing a blade as well. Can it stand up in a microwave?
I use 2 bowls that I picked up at Target for 3 bucks each.. little one for lather and large one for hot water to keep it warm and it works well.
I use a large latte mug as the bottom bowl. I lather in an enameled metal bowl. The metal heats up the lather quick and easy.
This reminds me of when I was tinkering with "coffee theory" before purchasing a french press or a vacuum pot. I had two different pyrex measuring cups, a sieve, a coffee filter... it was hilariously ghetto and clunky, but it got the job done and proved I needed a proper press.

I applaud your ingenuity. :a14:
what department did you find the bowls ?

I found it in the area with the plate sets. The big bowl was actually categorized as a Dip bowl and the other one I am not sure but they were sitting next to each other. The Target by me had 2 colors blue and red.
Well thank you JPDyson, it came to while doing dishes one day in the kitchen and the next day the dishes ended up in the bathroom. I am considering having the setup made in stoneware as I had mentioned earlier, however there are some advantages to the Pyrex I am beginning to appreciate. These include more durability and less likely to scratch counter tops as an unglazed stoneware bottom, and withstand greater temp ranges should I nuke it too long in the microwave then drop it in a cold sink. (Coffee is a bit different, Miss Silvia Rancilio and Zassenhaus or /Innova step-less grinder with a Reg Barber Tamper, would be a minimum for a daily latte/cappuccino or shot, lets not forget the imported Italian roasted coffee, Lavazza)
3 or 4 dollar self watering flower pots from wally world work great and look good too

Now that is an idea I can get behind. I hope they have those up here north of the border.

No offence to anyone who handcrafts scuttles - I know they have many advantages - but this puppy suits my meager budget.

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