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Ultimate facial and body skin care? Hair care?



I'm a 20-year-old male who takes care of his skin and face regularly, and I try to do what I can for my receding hairline. My question is, what is your routine face and body treatments, as well as hair treatment for ultimate care and anti-aging? I'm trying to figure out what new products to buy and add to my arsenal.
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My dermal regeneration seems to be slow. So if I actually wash often, my shaves are terrible. Even three days without a shower and THEN shower plus facewash and scrub yields a bad shave. If I don't wash, the shave is smooth.

So I guess it's different for everyone!

I like the Skin Food from Trumpers. Nice and gentle, but it also has a bit of alcohol to clean the skin (or just to bind ingredients :tongue_sm).

Perhaps my most "interesting" product recently added is the hand/body soap from Truefitt & Hill. After using it to wash my hands instead of regular, supermarket soap, I have no dryness.
I'm the opposite: if I don't wash my face in the shower before I shave, my shaves aren't as smooth, and I'll have red spots and bumps on my neck and jawline by the end of the day. YMMV, as always.

To the OP: don't go out and raid Nordstrom's or wherever of all their men's skincare products. Just start out small, and buy only what you need for your skin type, like a face wash/soap, and moisturizer if you need it. For hair care, I like the Baxter shampoo and conditioner, but for me, a 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo is just as good (no need to go crazy with hair products). I also only shampoo/condition my hair every other day. For anti-aging, just make sure you avoid prolonged sun exposure, and if you're going to be out in the sun a while, wear a good sunblock. You shouldn't need "anti-aging" products like night creams until you're older.
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