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Two shaves with the Colonial General in aluminum.....

Rabidus was kind enough to lend me his aluminum Colonial General for a trial, with two different AC blades (Kai Captain Mild and Schick Prolines). I hooked this head up to a UFO Titan Fine L and it makes a great-looking razor with good balance.

My experience with AC-type razors is limited. Years ago I participated in a Cobra pass-around and I liked it OK but didn't really understand all the hype.

Because I used to use Kai double-edge blades a long time ago, I assumed the Kai blade would be best, so I loaded up the General with a Kai blade and took it for it's maiden voyage. There was quite a bit of tugging. It almost felt like the blade was plucking out my stubble as I pulled the razor across my face. I hung in there through the entire first pass and found that there had been good reduction and no obvious irritation, but the feeling was unpleasant enough that I finished the shave with a Fatboy loaded with a Polsilver SI. What a difference! Smooth and comfortable.

So, for this morning's shave I loaded up the General with one of the Schick Proline blades. This was much better, but still it's not as sharp as my beloved Polsilvers or the amazing GEM blades I have been using in my MMOC. It was comfortable enough, though, and I finished two passes and had a nice, smooth shave. The razor itself was really easy to handle. It didn't take very long to find and maintain the best angle. By the second pass the shave was almost TOO easy. Almost so easy as to take some of the fun out of it.

I definitely like this razor better than the Cobra classic I tried out years ago, but I'm not really sold on the AC blade razors in general. To me the blade is a little too wide, and for no apparent reason, which makes it a bit clunky in certain places. And although the Colonial is an attractive razor, it lacks the cache of a vintage MMOC or Streamline or 1914 or Fatboy that I enjoy. It almost feels like shaving with a modern cartridge razor, in a sense, in that it's almost effortless and that the razor, to me at least, doesn't have any style, or élan, or gravitas, or story, or whatever it is that I love about vintage razors.

In short, not a bad razor at all. Might be a great razor for someone who has never tried anything but modern cartridges; for them it might be challenging and fun, and it looks completely different. For me, however, I feel like I would be happier sticking to my vintage DEs and SEs. And maybe I'll try one of the new GEM-type SEs like the ATT G-1 or the Backland Sabre just because they are beautiful and use a blade that I prefer to the AC blades.

Oh, and the Schick Proline blade is worlds better than the Kai Titan Mild, at least for me.

Thanks to rabidus for the chance to try out this nice, affordable modern razor.
Nice review!

Your first review of the VC4 and Feather FHS blade now makes sense. Your review from this thread. Valet VC4...Up Close and Personal...The ABC Way...

I first tried my Valet VC4 about 6 weeks ago and didn't like it much.

Inspired by this thread, and thinking maybe it was a technique issue, I loaded up a fresh Feather FHS-5 this morning and shaved the left side of my face with the VC4 and the right side with my Fatboy, to do a comparison.

Using a much shallower angle, the first pass with the VC4 was comfortable, but rinsing after the first pass revealed that it didn't cut much. The Fatboy side was MUCH cleaner. Undaunted, I went on with the XTG pass. This was slightly better, but not much. Fatboy side destroyed the VC4.

VC4 side required 3 passes to get to CCS. I got two tiny weepers on the VC4 side versus zero on the Fatboy side.

Bottom line: To me there is no comparison. The Valet is a cool-looking razor, but as a shaver it's not very good. If the VC4 were the only non-cartridge shaver available, I would shave with an Atra and give up classic shaving altogether.

I'm glad somebody enjoys it, but I don't think it's a good shaver at all.

I find the Feather FHS, Pro, Pro Super, and Kai Mild all about the same sharpness. The Proline sharper but not as sharp as the GEM blade.

You must have steel growing out of your face. My head shaves are like your face shaves.

You're welcome!

If you want to try a Valet with a despined GEM SS PTFE blade, say the word!
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Nice review. Just a note, the reason the AC blades are so wide is because they were made to fit into an injector straight razor. They were not designed for a safety type razor. That was an idea that came later and really caught on.
Nice review. Just a note, the reason the AC blades are so wide is because they were made to fit into an injector straight razor. They were not designed for a safety type razor. That was an idea that came later and really caught on.
Thanks for the explanation. I think I knew that, but had forgotten. I still think they are too wide for this new type of razor, but others may have a different opinion.
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