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Turmeric Tea

What are your thoughts? I tried it once and I'm kind of on the fence. I did not feel the "benefits".
Im sure it tasted bitter as hell.
A good way to take it is mixing up a pinch in teaspoon of good Manuka UMF15 honey.
I mix it with black tea and a bit of manuka, not sure it helps. My Doc said 10000 mg for it to be effective so it is one of many ways I try to get my daily dose.
I take turmeric capsules. I think I feel better, less aches and pains but not 100% convinced.

I can’t imagine the tea tastes good :yikes:


I think I will stick with my Tumeric capsules. Just pop in the mouth and swallow. I am not sure the tea would taste that good.
Your best bet for anything truly noticable is to include it in your diet regularly, and for it to be microplaned or grated from fresh fingers. It is an entirely different experience from dried ground, and the fresher the better. Grow it for the richest flavors and anti-oxidant strength. Fresh out of the garden is as amazingly different from dried, as is freshly harvested sunchokes from storebought, or garlic hung to dry until the stalks are dried is from storebought, storebought garlic often coming a long way over a long period on top of storage periods, where it is often found beginning to green and sprout internally.
I’ll try again. I peeled it like ginger sliced and boiled it. I used sweet n low but it was still not good. I’m on the fence about the effects. Looks like I would need a whole lot more than what I had.