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Tuesday Costco run..which wholebean coffee to get?

Just finished my Starbucks XL Bold coffee...great stuff...now looking for somethin else..strong n smooth..this coffee wasn't the smoothest I think i have had..but so far im very to to Costcos coffee selection...I tried Timothys Coffee...but it was "ok"
I highly recommend upgrading your whole beans to something better. With so many options available now days, there's almost no reason not to.
I agree with Jason, there are so many options for fresher beans out there, I just got into roasting myself, and it's been a lot of fun, and almost none of the coffee I drink now is older than a week. It really enhances the coffee experience.
One of the Costco stores near me roasts in-house. Of course, a two-pound bag can last a while, so it isn't a perfect, drink-it-while-it's-fresh solution.

That said, the Sumatra ain't bad ...
For a general purpose coffee, a 100% Columbian Arabica medium or medium-dark roast is gonna be very price-effective, lots of enjoyment for your coffee dollar. For pre-roasted, you can't beat 8 O'clock Columbian. For in-house roast, inspect the beans for consitency, color, and size. The beans should be fairly uniform, with few broken ones. Get a small amount and try it out, and always buy the smallest amount that it convenient for you, because even whole bean coffee will deteriorate over time. I freeze mine when I have a freezer, and take out just enough, right when I am ready to grind them. The cold temperatures slow down the oxidation process. Keep your beans sealed up tight, too.

You might also try a Mexican or Guatemalan Robusto. It's not for everybody, but maybe it's for you. Could be that a blend of these two inexpensive mainstay coffees will agree with you. Don't waste a lot of money buying fashionable coffees like Kona or Blue Mountain etc... I never found any of those coffees to taste any better than good ol 8 O'Clock, though they certainly do taste, er, "different" lol. Try small amounts, sure, but don't buy it as your daily mug. Waste of $ to me.
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