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Trumper Double Edge Razor

I am semi new to wet shaving and have a quick question. There are not many double edge razors made that I know of. Trumper makes what appears to be a nice one from pictures. Is this a good razor. Are the Merkur razors that much better? Perhaps this shows my ignorance. But honestly I like the look of the Trumper double edge razor and lets be honest, some of the thrill of wetshaving is in the look...
I think the Trumper DE razor is a Merkur head with a custom handle, if you like the look of them and can afford one, buy it!
mrob said:
Those ARE beautiful razors, Ron. But I already have a Vision and a Fatboy, and need no more razors (repeat silently until you believe it. . .).
Merkur? Did you say?




Another raozr is always a GOOD THING! (We luv ya' Mahtha!)
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Say...why does everyone who owns a Merkur Futur have the satin version? Is it easier to grip or something?
I had ordered the satin but they sent me the chrome (classicshaving.com). I thought about returning it but it wasn't worth the hassle. They say the satin is a little easier to grip and it may be true - when I have wet lathered hands, the chromed Futur can be a bit slippery.
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