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True Gentlemen Shave Creams

Morning lads. Has anyone heard of this company or tried their products? They look like AOS knockoffs or maybe they are made by the same company and rebadged. Total speculation on my part. They just looked interesting. Here's the link. http://www.truegentlemen.com/

Regards, Todd
Haven't tried them, but the place I get my haircut carries the whole line. Marked up pretty high so I haven't tried it.
I'm also interested in hearing of anyone's experience with this company. $25 is a little high, though it IS cheaper than Castle Forbes. :rolleyes:

Phog Allen said:
John, I too noticed that this cream is at the higher end of what we deem normal pricing for very good+ shave lathers. If it meets that criteria, then I will have no problem buying it. These creams last so long that when you break them down by number of shaves per bowl, it comes to pennies.

I was talking about my hair place marking them up too much. They're very overpriced there instead of just simply overpriced. :smile:
I've been using True Gentleman shave oil, shaving cream and after shave balm for the past two weeks. The oil feels heavy on application but it seems to do its job and I haven't had a problem with razor clogging. My lather improves with each shave as I'm figuring out the optimal balance of water and cream, and it seems to work equally well whether I use distilled water or our hard tap water. The after shave balm is soothing and has the same light cedar scent as the both the oil and the cream. I'll try other products over time just for the sake of comparison, but so far I have no complaints.
It's more like a soft soap. The lather appears rich at first but has no slickness to it, making for an uncomfortable shave.
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Holy bat thread revival! I had forgotten all about this post. I never did try the line. I have switched away from the soft creams to soaps but still catch myself looking at them from time to time.
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