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Travelling to Australia

Hello Everyone,

Im travelling to Australia next month and would like to know if there are any special shave stores or brands I should look at while down there. I figured they should recieve some items from UK and I will certainly look around for that stuff and Im hoping someone has been there and has shopped around for some classic shave soaps, a/s etc...

I'm more into clean soapy barber salon scents, one of my favorites is the L'Occitane Cade. Im just getting started with all this stuff. I picked up some cheap Arko shave soap, Gold-Dachs Spezial as well so we will see how that goes.

Also, I have good friends meeting me there from Amsterdam and Romania. If anyone could recommend some wonderful classic scents from those countries I would really appreciate it.


Sorry to disappoint you but frankly there is stuff all here in the way of shaving shops. We have been invaded by the Shaver Shop franchise that mainly pushes electrics. They do have some cheap chinese DEs, a spattering of straights and small number of creams and soaps. Unfortunately Joe public goes there in such numbers that even our high end stores such as Myer and David Jones find they just don't sell shaving equipment any more so the best you'd find there is a few mediocre quality badger brushes.

If you let me know which city you are going to I could find some shaving specialty stores, there are one or two in the country.
The reason I ask what city is because our major cities are at least a days drive appart. Sorry if you knew that, but we get a lot of visitors at work who are shocked to discover Australia is the size of the US.
Hi Pilfer,

Sorry I forgot to write the destination cities in Australia. We are going to Melbourne and staying in the Springvale Princess Highway area. I've been all over Australia many times but this time around we are on a strict schedule as we are going there for a seminar. I will take a look at whats around in the airports as well.

I figured you would have much of the UK stuff like Taylor of Bond Street, Yardleys..etc. Im still looking to buy a badger brush and holder set. Thanks for your input...
OK, not to far from where I am. All you will probably find is one of the Shaver Shop stores. http://www.shavershop.com.au/
They have some stuff, but it's a bit limited. The sell Dovo straights. They sell some unknown brand of DE shavers but not the blades. The creams are prorasso, C&E and King of shaves and a few unknown brands. A badger OK sort of badger brushes.
If you see a perfect potion store they have (well in my opinion) a really nice bay rum shave soap that smells much more like cloves (no burn so I don't think it has cloves in it)
Great thanks for the info. If you need anything from the States and its not too far for you to drive and meet me somewhere close to Springvale then I dont mind bringing something over for you, maybe bulk items of your favorite stuff or something, PM me if you wish. Thanks again.
Thanks for the offer but I think I have enough creams and soaps to last me a good number of years. No, no, it's not SCAD, it's just that I like variety, that's it, yer :)
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