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Travel vs. Home

Hey guys,

Quick question, I have a Merkur HD Long at home that I use with Feather blades. I love this combination and it has worked well for me for a while. Recently, I was on vacation and neglected to bring my razor (TSA always gives me flak about having it with me even without blades anyway). So I bought a Merkur DE travel razor. BUT, when I use it, it nicks my face quite badly. I havent changed anything other than the razor.

Any ideas on what's going on? Maybe the new one has a different blade angle?? I've tried to adjust for this to no avail. Is there really that big of a difference in these two razors?

NAS :huh:
Perhaps the size difference is inviting you to place more pressure during your shave. It takes a few shaves to adjust your technique.
What the above posters said.

I travel with my slim but use a merk progress at home, two very different razors. I have to adjust my technique especially when transitioning from slim to progress!
It might be a good idea to use your travel razor at home till you know it better. That way you can use it in all peace and quiet you are used to at home and next time you take it on your travels there will be no time needed to adjust your technique to your razor.
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