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Travel trailers


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Been thinking about going with a fiberglass 16-17 foot instead of aluminum/wood, so it's between Scamp and Casita...fully contained. Anyone use one of these?

SWMBO retired yesterday so may go somewhere...I'm thinking Colorado and Arizona. She can go to Colorado and I'll go to Arizona.
I can't wait to get another travel trailer! We sold out 26' because the kids were working part-time jobs and it got old taking them back and forth to work. I found the best size is a 20 - 21' trailer. It is easy enough to tow and maneuver but big enough to have the space I want. I also highly recommend a dual axle unit. Our previous unit was a Jayco, which we really liked.

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Look into the floor of each. My understanding is the Casita has a fiberglass enclosed underside covering the plywood, while a Scamps flooring is exposed on the bottom

While you are looking, check out Oliver. They are highly regarded as far as rounded fiberglass trailers go.


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We downsized to a [email protected] 320. Perfect for two, and easy to get it into our camping spots at our OREGON Fishing Club camping spots.
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I looked at the teardrop ones for quite a bit, and a guy in town has one of the small, tiny ones under a carport, but I think I'd like a more "boxy" one with the head room the same at both ends. And a fully contained one so I can live in it for an extended period...S, S, and S in it anywhere I park it and what ever the weather. Not to mention weathering a storm for days in it. Cooking in back of a small teardrop under the ''trunk" lid of the galley in a storm with rain blowing sideways is not my idea of fun.

I know...the teardrops pictured are bigger than the tiny ones from decades ago and some are fully contained, but I think I'm gravitating towards something like a fiberglass version of an old Airstream...and cheaper than the current Airstreams.

Kinda like the Casita 17 foot ones...but I'm still open to suggestions and still looking.
No doubt that truck will pull a Casita. Be sure to look at the yellow payload sticker inside the drivers door and do the math with trailer tongue weight, truck cargo and passenger weights.
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