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Transparent shaving soap/cream /gel?


Anyone can recommend a good transparent shaving soap, cream or gel? For use with straight or shavette/DE.

Jack Black beard lube. Pretty good stuff but doesn't lather at all. Just rub on and go to town. I have used it while traveling to good effect.
After using this for a while now, it seems that I should qualify my answer.

The RPSL is a good choice to clean up the nape of your neck with a DE razor. As for using it on you face, not so much.


Razorock Professional Shaving Lube.

+1 on the JB Beard Lube. I've found it works pretty well. Thanks to another comment elsewhere on B&B, though, I've discovered it is even better when used as a pre-shave in conjunction with a lathering cream.


I need a transparent one to see the beard line better when shaping my beard and mustache.
aha, i see now.
how about trying one of those 'shave miracle' gels that you see in the major drug and box stores?
or simply using a really wet, loose regular shave lather?
you might have to experiment a bit to find what works best for you.
I've read good things about King of Shaves Alpha-Gel Shaving Gel although have yet to try myself.

Maybe someone here has experience with it and can comment?
Dollar Tree stores used to have a clear gel that was really slick. It was marketed by Assured. Unfortunately it is no longer stocked.