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Torrey Arrived, its a Wedge..........

Torrey came in today, low and behold its a wedge !!! :a47:Blade is a barbers notch and measures 1/16th over 3/4s. Blade is in good shape but needs to see the stones in a bad way. Wasn't expecting a Wedge, so to me that's an added bonus !! :tongue_sm

Antique Hoosier

Enjoy it! These always impress me by having such a fine balance in the proportion of the blade to scale ratio... they almost always seem to have luxury black scales that just look so much better than many brands.
I have a little 5/8 torrey 1/4 hollow with barbers notch and its a honey of a shaver. Mine takes a very good edge and keeps it.

Thanks for the pic of your Torrey. I have several and like them all but dont recall seeing a wedge before. Give us a shave lowdown after you hone it up. Thanks.
Thanks Guys and Happy New Year !!! Thinking about a total restore on this one with new scales and all.
Good looking razor. I see a bit of a chip near the heel of the razor that would need to be dealt with but should be a fine shaver once fixed up.
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