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Took a break from wet shaving

About 2 weeks ago I was experimenting with blades and changed from Rapira super stainless to Gillette 7am yellows. Usually a change of blade results in a small amount of irritation and/or cuts but this time the Gillette seems to have taken off far too much, to the extent that my skin has taken on a “glassy” type appearance and feels hard and very irritated to the touch.

Seeing as I need to shave daily for work but couldn’t wet shave without irritation or bleeding I opted to go with the Norelco I brought in the states back in January. I must say that I’ve been getting some pretty decent shaves so far, and my skin is almost completely healed. Ok, it doesn’t cut nearly as close as my Futur or Progress but for all intents and purposes it gets me through at least half of the working day. I can’t see myself using this every day but it’s a good viable option for when I’m pushed for time or having skin issues etc
I believe the blads to which you are referring are the 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (yellow) blades. There are blades called 7 AM, but they are produced by DuraBlade rather than Gillette. The SharpEdge blades and the Rapira you were using are both mid-sharp blades. The SharpEdge is my blade of choice when I use my aggressive Muhle R41 razor as the blades I use in other razors are even sharper.

I suspect the issue with your irritation is that you shave with too much pressure. That is one of the more common causes of removing skin cells along with your beard. The shave angle is also important, but if you were shaving with the same razor, the angle would not change significantly.

WHenever using a new razor or new blade, slow down and be careful of your technique. As soon as your face heals, try, try again.
....I was experimenting with blades and changed from Rapira super stainless to Gillette 7am yellows.
The SharpEdge are a little sharper than the Rapira Super Stainless so you need to adjust your technique; less pressure will help get that irritation under control. Take your time and don't rush the shave. Leave the experiments for the weekend.
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