Tony Miller Horween Veg Horsehide

Discussion in 'Strops/Stropping' started by Tanuki, Jul 17, 2019.

    I just received my 3” Horween veg tanned horsehide/cotton strop from Heirloom Razor Strop. I exchanged a couple emails with Mr Miller to help decide on material and width. I couldn’t be more pleased with the strop, the service, and the man himself.

    It arrived mid-shave. My son brought the package up. I immediately stropped 50 cotton and 50 leather. Smooth draw and a distinctly improved edge.
  1. MO1


  2. I've created a monster.....LOL!!! Happy to see you enjoying the ride. :a50::a50:
  3. Great stuff! I’ve always been tempted by a miller strop. Hmmm maybe I’ll just have to browse the website..
  4. I loved the steer dovan strop that was on the pass around. Then I was lucky enough to be drawn to keep it. I will say it is hands down my favorite strop and I really think my other strops won't get used much because of how good the Tony Miller strop is.
  5. That's awesome!

    I agree, that strop is amazing!
  6. This strop will never leave me. I absolutely love it. I also now really want to get his different style strops and try them all. I will probably work on doing that. It's not like I will get a bad product. Just more strops to love.
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    I'm gonna do the same!
  8. 327727FC-F413-437A-86CD-9DFD9703939F.jpeg

    My secret is out. This is a close as Tony Miller can come to an ‘irregular’. It has a tiny cosmetic issue. This way I won’t feel quite as bad if I nick my first high-quality strop. Of course, except for the unavoidable exposure to cutting edges, I treat it better than a newborn child. You should have seen me trying to snatch it back after I foolishly let the LOTH handle it.
  9. Pick one, you can’t go wrong. Myself, I really like the 3” width.
  10. After having one of his strops I feel like I'm part of Pokemon. Gotta catch em all. Lol.
  11. SAD......:a29:
  12. Tony Miller

    Tony Miller Vendor

    @Tanuki glad you are enjoying it. Thanks to everyone for the compliments, it is appreciated. BTW, Tanuki did buy a "second", the logo stamp slipped a bit and made a double impression and his strop is marked as such.

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