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Tomorrow's New Adventure!

This came in today. FaTip Grande.

$FaTip Grande.jpg

Going to load it with a Gillette 7:00 Yellow and see what happens.
I have liked the looks of that razor, but, I like mild razors, so, I'll be interested in your impressions.
Had my first shave with the FaTip Grande this morning. Man what an awesome razor! If blade exposure makes your heart go pitter patter, than this is quite the ride. It exposes a HUGE amount of blade, however, the blade gap is not as great as on my Merkur 37C slant.

Anyway, the looks of the thing really makes you pause for a second and say to yourself, "You need to be on your game. No pressure. Let's do this."

Great shave. Great razor. Approach with respect. Really happy with the purchase.
I'll tell you, when you put the blade in that thing it looks rather intimidating compared to most other razors. I hope it works great for you!
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