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    What was Gillette's heaviest razor? What was one of the coolest Gillette razor?

    The Toggle!!

    Who has them? I hope you do!

    Gather the family on the roadside. Buy some popcorn and Cotton Candy. Prepare to be dazzled and razzled. Behold the Toggle parade had begun!!

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  1. Noop not me tho actively hunting in The Wild. Found just about everything else multiple times over :blush:
  2. A parade that I am not invited to. The shame! O well. Have fun without me. :lol:
  3. ackvil

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    I had one but sold it.
  4. Something you don't have!!!
  5. malocchio

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    A great razor,but the Gillette Big Boy and bottom dial Fatboy tied the Toggle in grams.
  6. :popc:
  7. I have one that came from our BST some time back, later I got a case from a member in a trade ..

  8. :bored::bored::mad3::mad3:!!!!!!
    Not in. Yet.
  9. This is not one of the pretty cased ones. But this is one of the early Toggles with a serial number.


    Number 4106.

  10. This thread takes SOO much popcorn...
  11. nemo

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  13. A D1 in the center, flanked by 2 of her F4 friends...
  14. A chance to show my pride and joy...
    $Toggle1.jpg $Toggle.jpg
  15. My F4....


  16. I think the black one is a good addition to the thread. A little unusual, but worth seeing.
  17. +1 ^^^ Very cool. Justin how is the black wearing? I thought I saw someone say that the black didn't weatr well. Just curious as I would like to do my #15 in black.
  18. Depends on how you take care of it. If you use polish and scrub the he'll out of it I think it will wear away. If you just lightly clean and take care of it it doesn't change too much. My Fatboy in black isn't as dark as my toggle since it's been used and cleaned much longer. But yes you can Remove the black if not careful.

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