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I started using TOBS Sandalwood this week after coming from Cremo. I find that after my shave my skin is very dry and a little burning sensation. Prior to TOBS I would just put some Nevia lotion on my face and be good. Well, when I tried this after shaving with TOBS it burned like no other and left me very irritated ( I have sensitive skin). So I stopped put the Nivea lotion on right away and waited about 10-15 then put a little on, seemed to work a little. Rinsing my face with cold water right after my shave helped a little with the burning.
Wanted to know if anyone had recommendations for a unscented aftershave that will still give me hydration like a lotion, my skin gets very dry if I don't lotion. Also, any tips on how to avoid the burning/sting after shaving with TOBS.
Thanks in advance......
Some folks for whatever reason don't appreciate when I bring this up. But Burts Bees ASB is absolutely top notch IMHO for soothing and moisturizing. It's non-irritant, which is a huge plus for me. Like Brylcreem, just a dab'll do ya.

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And for the burning, it sounds like maybe razor burn, which is a technique issue. If you're not able to cut whiskers using absolutely zero pressure, you're using a blade that's too mild. Mild is forgiving, which is good for learning, but if your beard needs a keener edge, you shouldn't go after a DFS or BBS shave with a mild blade. Be okay with just a CCS or SAS until your technique is solid and then venture into more efficient blades. Your shave should remain comfortable and become closer and smoother.

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Oh and RazoRock 888 after shave wax IMO is also another fantastic product for soothing and moisturizing. Smells like tea tree tho, kind of a medicinal smell to it.

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You're welcome Bill. Hope it helps.

And I'll just offer up FWIW, for me, I can't get even a decent SAS shave with say a Derby or a Lord blade. They're just too mild for me. Astra SP was the blade I ended up learning on. It's a pretty good mix of forgiveness and keenness. Assuming you did your homework before you started out, you probably already know this. But as a general rule of thumb, if the blade feels like it's pulling and tugging the whiskers, it's too mild. If it feels scratchy on your skin, it's too sharp. If it feels smooth and glides through the whiskers, that's the sharpness you want. And you make that assessment while using zero pressure, let the razor do the work.

Everyone's opinion on sharp/mild tends to differ, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But that's (I think) because everyone's skin and beard is different, everyone's razor is different, everyone's technique is different.
Well I have never tried their aftershave products TOBS makes fantastic creams. Anyhow alcohol based aftershaves tend to dry out the skin. Lucky Tiger is a Alcohol free solution and the scent isn't that strong. It tends to dissipate very quickly. Has Aloe in it and gives a great soothing feel.

If you want something a little more potent try Skin Bracer by Mennen. Its an alcohol based Aftershave however it has Menthol in it and that gives you a cooling effect. Its my go to aftershave if I have a bad shave. Makes my face feel like a million bucks. Also it wont break the bank for $2.50 at Wal-Mart. It has a strong scent though so keep that in mind.
TOBS irritates my skin too, either i get more nicks, bumps and burning, or just burning (if its the organic sensitive skin verion).
it is some of the ingredients they use:

please watch the above video.

me and you are the very few who seem to question the quality of TOBS creams and soaps.

i bought the TOBS sandelwood soap, and found it would irritate, burn, cuase bimpus and more cuts,
so after some time i decided to go back to the TOBS store in london, and buy the least chemicaled one, which was the organic sensitive skin one, and it still casues t least more burning and cuts, and it is not just razor burn.

for me and you I would recommend the absolute best cream which is "kiss my face moisture shave":, followed by L'occitane cade.

Trust me try Kiss my face moisture shave, it is the absolute best cream for people like me and you who find TOBS creams and soaps irritating. Not only is it the most natural and chemical free cream out there, doesn't irritate, suitable for sensitive skin etc, but is is so so so sos cheap compare to the most others in its quality range.

it is the most irritant free, natural shaving cream on the market in my opinion.

please try "kiss my face moisture shave", i guarantee you will love it


I'm a Lumberjack.
Bought this recently used it about 4 times. Never had any problems. Sorry you did.
...a little burning sensation.

With wet shaving, a burning sensation on your skin usually indicates your shaving too close, in other words, a too aggressive shaver.

People who use an adjustable (a Merkur Progress myself) know this all too well. A burning sensation means dial back the adjustment.
I had the same experience with TOBS sandlewood cream. I found it irritated my skin. (I have sensitive skin also)
I’ve used TOBS rose, and avocado creams but they didn’t irritate me at all.
The burning and irritation might mean a technique issue, either with shaving itself or building the lather. However, I think that the exceptional dryness you experienced is likely caused by a skin reaction/allergy, and it could also explain the other issues. One way to try testing this is to put a little of the cream on the inside of your elbow and leave it there for a good 10-20 minutes. If the cream itself is causing problems your skin should react even when you don't shave the covered area.

Personally, I think TOBS works fairly well, but it's a fairly average shaving product. No real issues, but plenty of other soaps and creams perform as well or better. Jermyn Street does smell lovely though. :001_wub:

Edit: oops, just realized this is a mini-necro. Dang! You darn necromancers got me this time!
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