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TOBS Customer Service is Extraordinary!

I bought a bowl of TOBS Sandalwood and love it. The only issue I had was that part the lacquer on the bowl wore off in some spots and on to the soap. I emailed TOBS and asked them what I should do to repair this.

After some emails confirming the issue the TOBS customer service agent contacted an US distributor who then sent me a new bowl (complete with a new puck of the Sandalwood shaving soap), which I received the next day.

I must say this is outstanding customer service by TOBS.

I highly recommend TOBS not just for their fantastic shave soap but also for their unsurpassed level of customer service.
I agree, TOBS is a solid company. And to add.. I think the sandalwood shave cream is unbeatable! The protection and explosion of lather from that cream is unreal. I would go as far as saying it is the best cream available. Anyways, I'm glad to hear they sent you a new bowl, and the sandalwood soap is also very nice.
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