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To German users: Which is better quality, Timor or Mühle?

Which is generally better quality?

  • Giesen Forsthoff Timor

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Mühle

    Votes: 9 81.8%

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I'm Austrian, but I'll chime in nonetheless ;)

In my opinion the Mühle is on another level. The thread is now made from brass, which should improve stability & durability.

As for the shave itself: the gentle shaver is just that: a very very gentle shaver. The Muhle (R89), while a mild shaver as well, brings efficiency to the table.

There is a reason Timor isn't talked about much overall in the shaving world. Just isn't that efficient of a shaver, albeit the built quality being above average for a zinc alloy razor.
Thank you, and thank you for responding on your local forum also! I should have said germanophone or something like that, I know these things hit your market earlier :)

Will contemplate more, would like to hear some more experiences.

Which Timor are we talking about? The stainless handle Timors are nice but the Gentle Shaver is a rebraned Weishi, I believe.
Id have to go with Muhle. Ive owned quite a few R89s and a couple R41s and theyre always nice razors that have flawless chroming.
Another pro for Mühle: more affordable. I believe for the price of a Timor you could get the R96 Rocca, which is completely stainless steel.
Timor Gentle Shave is at 30€ so compare it to the R89. Both come in great quality.
It is in the end down to what you like. I feel that the Gentle Shave gives me better smoother shaves also closer thatn R89.
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