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This one is so pretty

That I wanted it to have a post of it's own....
On second glance the colour balance has quite a red shift, David you're probably right that it's an Asano nagura.
I agree, this looks like a nice stone. I'm sure there's a little magic within since Keith has run it through it's paces as well.
I have some great looking stones though and a few less pretty that work better for me.
Good looks & good performance are a nice combo :1eye:
David was correct - It's a Mejiro. One of the prettiest of the 'blue' variants I've ever had actually. Between the color and the banding, it's just a stellar piece. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Me I see beauty in every natural stone, it's just that some are more eye-catching than others. In use, this one was so fine that it thought it was a Koma though. Right at this moment I'm messing with another Mejiro that has a creamsickle-y yellow/orange 'skin' pattern in it that is an equal contender.
Thanks for the explanation, @Gamma . When you say, "skin pattern," are you referring to the outside of the stone (e.g., is this other Mejiro stone blue on the inside too?), or is the color creamsickle-y throughout?
The 'skin pattern' I was referring to is almost like a Nashiji pattern, but not quite, more lke orange skin than pear skin. No, ti's not blue, just sorta yellow/orange when wet. I'm talking about the working surfaces, the rest is sealed.
Had one - had a blue Mejiro Toishi also. None were banded like the stone above though.
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