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The shocking new formula Tabac

Long after most of you have discussed new formula Tabac at length and moved on with your lives, it finally got to the top of my waiting list. I opened the famous gold wrapper and instantly my nose was met with the same intense blast of Tabac fragrance as the original tallow version. Whew! It will have to air out a while, just like the original. This very much surprised me as most of you said there was less of a smell. Tabac bath soap is less intense, but not this. Plus, I still have the milk glass jar with the original design.

End of Review and Final Verdict: Tabac is still Tabac, shaving soap of the Beatles. I'm sorry, but performance, whatever it is, just isn't the main thing here. Did I mention the Beatles used it? I mean, come on.
I really enjoy the new version but I never tried the old version so … .What’s the Beatles connection? Is there a photo, an anecdote, a humorous quip from Ringo?
There is a photo that iirc has been posted here before of a table backstage at a Beatles concert with various items, including a jar of Tabac shaving soap and a bottle of Tabac aftershave lotion.
Neat. One arrow pointing to the Tabac aftershave and one to…a badger brush? Had this typed out but forgot to press post reply. Duh
Actually, unless I'm losing my mind, I remember another photo as well showing both the shaving soap jar and the aftershave bottle. Supposedly the Beatles, George Harrison in particular, took a liking to Tabac during their time in Hamburg.
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