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The SCORE! 2014 Edition!

To my way of thinking the 10mm is a distinct step up from the .357 Magnum. The 10mm is a horse!

Almost the semi-auto pistol equivalent to the .41 Magnum.

I've shot this gun quite a bit now and bought so nice hot Underwood ammo (along with some wicked 44 spcl full wad cutters). It kicks harder than the 3" 657 I used to have, all 15 times. Trust it and don't have to worry about hurting it which is worth something.

Commander Quan

Commander Yellow Pantyhose
Picked up a Winchester SXP to replace my heirloom 1950's 16 gauge Wingmaster.

Don't worry Gramp's gun isn't going anywhere.
Thanks! They are starting to form a nice little group! All three have had a decent workout as have the other two. Should be getting twins for the other two (1858 Remington in steel and 1851 navy brass) in tomorrow.
This will probably be the score of the year.

The dog woke me up at 3:00 am wanting to go out. After said business was done, I couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to putz around on my tablet and see what was on craigslist. Somebody had a Dillon RL550 for sale for $100. Needless to say, I sent the guy an email asking him to call me.

Well, I meet the guy. He's selling 3 boxes worth of stuff with the press. A Dillon electronic scale, 2 beam scales, a powder trickler, 4 tool heads, 7 powder measures, dies, brass and bullets galore, primers! Heck, I even got the Dillon zippered press cover so I can tuck my little press in and wish it a good night.

A rough tabulation after I got it all home and sorted through was at least $1600 worth of stuff, probably more.

Looks like I've got some reloading to do. Also, I need to figure out what to do with my Lee Loadmaster. I guess I could sell it now that I've gone all the way to the top with the Cadillac of progressive presses.
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