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The New Shave Den

After years of sharing a bathroom with my wife and being crowded out of it for the most part, I converted the bathroom off of my home office into my own shaving den.

I went for a Victorian look, and choose a wallpaper and fixtures to match. I have posted a few pictures for yhour review. Please forgive the quality of the pics; my photographic skills are a rather dodgy at best.

In the frames you will see part of my collection of antique razors, which I am particularly proud of. I have some really old and esoteric ones in there.

Forgive me if I have posted too many pics here in my enthusiasm; I have worked on this for little by little for many months, and it has finally come together. There are a few more pics here:

Very impressive. Mine is in the corner of my study on two shelves.

Any chance you can make the pics a bit smaller? I have two side by side screens at work and I can't fully display them!
Sorry Gents,

I posted the pics, but didn't realize they would post this large! I still have a lot to learn about posting images on the net.

Sorry again.


Great collection Craig.

Just a general fyi: If you post pictures to the gallery instead of as attachments, it will automatically resize them.

It's easier to just take 600 x 800 setting pic or 480 x 600. It's only for the web... with out all the mess of photoshop.
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