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The Moment You've Waited For...

I thought you used some Photoshop skills ? guess its real ? oh I dont even bother going to the website to check it out..the price is like silly who will buy it they find paying for the luxury M3 vibro is bad enough $250.. people wont understand..uh we neither....
The razor is temporarily unavailable. Do you think that means they are sold out? Maybe there is more than one born every minute.
At $250 at least the price of the razor is more in line with the cost of replacement cartridges.
Anyone who purchases this razor is not from this world i guess; and what about the Power version of the fusion?? Would be a little more difficult to copy i think:biggrin:

TraderJoe said:
:lol: I'm not sure about windows, but I've heard they can help with shaving, I mean mowing your lawn. :w00t:

That's right. The first blade cuts the grass near the surface with each successive blade pulling and cutting the grass further below the ground line until the grass is cut below the root. Thus leaving your yard as a wonderful dirt field! Ah dirt! At least your 4 year son ought to be happy. Plenty of dirt to play in! :confused1
fuerein said:
...cutting the grass further below the ground line until the grass is cut below the root...

Whereupon you get ingrown grass spots and it then looks like your yard has become a refuge for moles.

It's not the cost of it that is freaking me out (I'm sure there are executives and such who would buy one without thinking twice about the price), but it's that the thing is so damn ugly. At least their M3 handles look halfway decent.
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