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The Graveyard!


Recently: Antica Barbiera Colla, an expensive croap that was a lovely gift, but doesn't live up to the promise made by its price.

More recently: Vintage Avon Bay Rum A/S in the ceramic jug. It still had some kick, but I have a second jug that seems even more potent. I'll get to that when the Dominica Bay Rum is gone...
Dusted off a partial tin of Mystic Water Irish Traveler today, which I'm remembering was generously offered to me by a B&B member when I posted a WTB ad. Thank you again kind sir who's name and message I've lost :)
In a little over two years of shaving with DE and SE razors I think this is an accurate accounting of what I have actually used up.

1 tub Stirling Sandalwood
1 tub B&M Reserve Classic
8 bottles of Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm
1 Bottle Proraso Red AS

I have enough soaps/creams in tubs and sticks to last me many years, but know I will buy more. I did sell some soap/cream tubs, tubes and sticks that I just didn't care for.
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