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The Graveyard!


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Finished- but not to worry. Had another 10oz bottle and puck delivered so my Tabac shaves can be complete.

Tin of Mike's orange/cedarwood/black pepper finally down for the count (I'm not even trying to go after the last little dregs of soap in there anymore...)
Just finished my first bottle of Duke Cannon exfoliating body wash, Productivity scent.
This stuff is great. Lasts a long time, both the amount of product and the scent. It's easily twice as thick as normal body washes and it lathers really well.


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Used the last of my Floid Amber this morning. Been using it daily since June last year and it's some good stuff! :thumbup1:
Up next in the 3017 rotation for aftershave is B&M Seville.

A fellow B&Br needed a Floid bottle last year (his chipped), so I decanted my stuff into other bottles to help him out. Hence, why you might be thinking "That ain't no Floid bottle!"