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Thanks to all of you!

Just want to say thanks to all of you for your generous input for us newbies. I really look forward to reading and learning, and although I'm still gathering the beginning equipment, your reviews and advice are really appreciated.

I'm leaning towards a Merkur HD (at Randy's suggestion) or a Futur to begin with. And I'm still debating the brush (although today's sale news by Sue looks inviting!). Have no clue about soaps etc. I'll keep you posted when the fun really begins.

Bob (Crawdad)
Thanks Bob. Feel free to ask questions regarding your potential purchases! Some time spent researching now will pay off big time later. Otherwise you'll just have to buy everything, like Ron. :wink:

Welcome to the world of wetshaving!! Great comraderie here, volumes of information, and a habit that'll suck your bank acccount dry in no time at all if you're short on self control.:wink:
Read through the posts, ask questions, and join in the fun.

Thank you Bob for being a part of our community. I've always found that I learn just about as much from the experiences and observations of those just starting out as I do from those that have been doing it for a lifetime.

I look forward to hearing how everything goes.

I have to echo the thanks to those of you showing us new guys the way. I just received my Merkur HD classic this week and the shave is already more pleasant than the mach III I was using. I did get a good shave with the mach three but I grew really tired of paying so much for the blades, even on ebay. The DE is so much more enjoyable when you consider the shaving brush and the fine soaps and creams. Again, thank you.
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