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Thank you yomuppet

I bought a 1940's Superspeed off of him last week when he posted it on the trade forum. The speed of his replies and so forth were top notch and put me somewhat at ease with a blind sale.

In any case the razor arrived today, a little beat up (as mentioned in the post) but shiny with all the moving parts operating silky smooth yet firm when tightning was required.

This is also the same day that my first ever order of Feathers came in.

Blades in hand, razor in the other and the delicious sight of a QED sandalwood tub on the counter, I broke down and decided to have an evening shower to try the Feathers and razor out.

To this point I have been a HD user and I get phenominal shaves with it and my Darby blades.

This however, was pretty close to Nirvana. :w00t:

I went with two down passes and one across just to keep any irritation down from having shaved this morning, and did not get a nick or anything harsh. The light weight of the razor was a little odd at first since I have grown accustomed to the HD's weight, but it was easier to keep no pressure on the superspeed and it purred like a sports car on the open road.

On a downward pass of the hand I am BBS, with the S-N pass being stubbly but not as much as with my HD and Darby.

I have great loyalty to my Darby and HD, but I look forward to adding both Feathers and the superspeed to my rotation. The feathers in the HD are something I am looking forward to.

Now to decide what creme or soap to use tomorrow morning! :w00t:
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