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TGN Super Silvertip Product Eater?

I recently purchased this brush from Tony at PenWorks/TGN. It has a 22mm Super Silvertip knot set at a 48mm loft in Briarwood poly resin. I love the fact that the handle is resin so I don't have to be so careful about submersing it in water like I would if it were real wood.

After trying to use it like my EJ medium BBB a couple of times and getting mediocre lather at best I turned to my brothers here at B&B and discovered that siilvertips often require more product in order to get a good lather.

Last night I used twice as much DR Harris almond SC than I normally do and had a scuttle full of lather left over after doing 4 passes.

My question is this: Will I always need more product using this silvertip or will it decrease as the brush is broken in?
The EJ is less dense and will thusly let go of lather a bit easier. It'll likely take more product w/this new brush going forward. Sort of the "catch" with dense brushes, as it were.
I've got the same knot and I don't find this to be a problem, I use even less than an almond size glob of TOBS, ymmv
I have the same knot at the same loft and love it. I haven't noticed whether or not it's a pig. I kind of learned how to create great lather with it so have no previous frame of reference. But it doesn't seem any different than other knots I've used since.
even if a brush is a lather hog, i find that i can use my thumb and pointer to give some of the breechy goodness, you don't need to move out all of the lather and lather will find it's way back into the brush if you do appropriately...
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