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Tfh - sandalwood cologne

Oooh that...i couldnt tell you ....well at least cologne wise i could cream wise...maybe somebody who has tried multiple can chime in there


With my limited experience, T&H sandalwood is brighter, little more cologne/citrusy than my other sandalwoods.
TOBS is a deep, straight sandalwood. Also Floris. AOS sandalwood is a favorite, with some musk and eucalyptus.
Best advice, do some exploration and experimentation to see what works best for you!!
Happy Journey!

sandalwood colognes.jpg
100% the best scent out there by that I've tried by any shaving company. For me their sandalwood range is the best out there!

And yeah when products get this good, price goes out the window!

I was just in QVB and picked up their last tube of Rose cream and a bunch of samples to try. Sandalwood still my favourite so far!
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