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Tech or flare next

I'm thinking about getting either a Tech or early flare tip from Delta Echo. I have a goodly amount of razors* but increasingly find I like my vintage slim adjustable and 40's super speed. Any thoughts/suggestions on which may to go?

* superspeed, slim adjustable, Phoenix Bakelite slant, ATT H2/R2, shavecraft 102, ER 1912, Gem MMOC, and Merkur slant.
Since you don't have a Tech, that's what I'd get next. Everybody oughtta' have one in their collection.

Then buy the Flare Tip, those are good too.
I would choose the Tech over the flare tip.


Both are at the high end of my preference list, but the Tech is just a little bit better for me. I love mild razors paired with Feather blades (like @Macfrommichigan), and both your suggestions are mild. But the Tech to me is more efficient while also more tender. Just this morning I used my 65 Flare Tip, great shave but rougher during the process.

The only razor that I find even better than the Tech (I have a '57 and a '58) is my Slim. Of the Flare Tips I like the Blue Tip best, then the standard, and thirdly the 40s style.

But ultimately I would go with the standard answer in here: Get both :thumbup1:
The Tech from Delta Echo is a fine razor, my wife got me one for last Christmas. The pre war fat handle Tech has long been my favorite, having started out many many years ago with a well worn hand me down. I've owned and gifted many over the years, both of my Grandsons now each have theirs. My current favorite is a beautiful factory nickel revamp from Razor Emporium. The best advice however has already been given, just get both.
The ball and tech is my absolute favorite. But the flare tip is a fine razor too. It's my favorite of the super speeds. Why not get both? You can find either for $10 to $20 on eBay if you look around a bit.


I didnt know
I have both a Flare Tip SS D2 date code and a post war Tech. Both are mild shavers and not sure I could pick only one of the two. Both are different but at the same time similar. My SS is milder than the British Flare Tip Rocket I gave to a family member.

If you dont have a Tech, I'd start there. With a Feather or a Polsilver blade, they really are nice shavers. You may find the ball end handle a bit on the small side coming from a Slim however, but with a very sharp blade, it's more than enough handle.
And then, if you want to take your Tech to an even higher level you can pair it with another (heavier) handle - like this, mine with the handle from a German vintage corn (Anticor) razor... Just perfect!

To help fuel the fire, here is my post-War tech from Delta Echo
And to muddy the waters, here is my favorite razor, a Slim done by DE!
slim avatar.jpg
@serafino , Delta Echo refinishes razors. The motto on the site is "Vintage Razors Reborn." The Tech I posted was purchased directly from them, but I had the handle color changed. The Slim I purchased off the 'bay and had great communications with Delta Echo regarding the color scheme, what could be done and what couldn't. Great to work with. There are a couple of gents here that clean/restore and replate, making the razor look just like it did when brand new. It's a personal choice, refinish and personalized, or restore to original. RazorPlate is the company referred to most, and a razor I was loaned that had been done there was fantastic.
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