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FS Big Den Clearing: 18 Razors, 22 Brushes, 21 Sets, 36 Soaps/Creams, Aftershaves, and more

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Hello, Gents! I spent the last year buying and trying and have winnowed down a lot of products. It’s now time to move these out of my shave den. These weren’t for me, but might be for you!

For CONUS and APO/FPO/DPO: Orders $50 and above ship free. Orders to $24.99 ship for $6 and orders $25 to $49.99 ship for $9 (exception: if you're buying one item only it will still be $6; sets count as two items). Military addresses, your zip will be checked against the APO/FPO/DPO restrictions list so neither of us gets in trouble with the USPS.

International shipping, please send me a PM, and we can discuss the options. I’m willing to give it a go as long as you pay for the actual cost of shipping and insurance and any other fees.

For payment: PayPal Goods & Services only, please.

I’m mainly downsizing, but would consider a trade for a set of Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars, Southern Witchcrafts Pomona, Noble Otter Orbit, K Shave Worx Frosen, Soap Commander Love, or Phoenix & Beau Spitfire. Also would consider a soap trade for a Mike’s Honeysuckle, Bergamot Orange Ylang-Ylang, or Peppermint & Rosemary.

Note that all measurements are approximate.

Free items are one per $25 spent (or any fraction thereof) and first come, first served.

I plan to post separately within this thread for each category to make it–hopefully–easier to read, Because it appears there’s a limit of ten pictures per post, some categories will spill over into new posts so I can get all the pictures uploaded. Categories will be posted in the following order: Razors, Brushes, Sets, Soaps/Creams, Preshaves/Aftershaves/Balms, Samples, Miscellaneous, and Free. Based on a test run last night/early this morning: with the amount of pictures I have, this is going to take a while, so please be patient if you happen on this thread while I’m in the process of posting everything.

Any questions, feel free to PM me and thanks for looking!

Razors first. All have been cleaned with Scrubbing Bubbles first and then Dawn to finish.

FaTip Lo StortoA bit of "FaTipery" on this one in that the corner on one side of the cap doesn't quite make contact with the baseplate.$10.00
Fine Superlite Slant
Gem Micromatic Open CombUser grade, some plate wear as shown.$8.00
Gillette 1940s Super SpeedUser grade$10.00
Gillette 1947 Aristocrat Jr.User grade$10.00
Gillette Ball-end TechUsed, but very nice condition.$15.00
iKon X3 on iKon bulldog handleHandle alone was $20.$28.00
Karve brass Christopher Bradley, with B, C, and D SB platesDeveloping a nice patina. I wasn't quite able to get the soap scum out of a couple of the corners.$80.00
Maggard Slant on MR5 bamboo handle
Maggard V2 headA clone of the EJ DE89$3.00
Mühle R41 rose gold2013 version of the head; a beautiful razor.$32.00
Mühle R89 GrandeA gorgeous razor, but the DE89/R89 and variations thereof absolutely do not work for me.$20.00
Parker 24C
RazoRock Mamba 70 on titanium handleI ended up preferring (and keeping) the milder OG Mamba, but I still love the titanium handle on this one!$45.00
Schick Injector type E3User grade, some plate wear. Bakelite handle clean with no cracks.$12.00
Standard Razors Deep BlackAn aluminum take on the EJ DE89. One small scratch on the handle, as pictured.$18.00
Wilkinson Sword TTONot a fan, but it's a nicely put together razor with a longer handle.$12.00
Yaqi MellonDouble open comb; used 10x.$13.00

First ten pics of the razors:

FaTip Lo Storto.jpg
Fine Superlite Slant.jpg
Gem MMOC.jpg
Gillette 40s Super Speed.jpg
Gillette 1947 Aristocrat Jr..jpg
Gillette Ball-End Tech.jpg
iKon X3 Slant.jpg
Karve brass Christopher Bradley with B C and D SB plates.jpg
Maggard Slant on MR5 handle.jpg
Maggard V2.jpg
Brushes. Reminder: measurements are approximate.

ItemSize in mm: (Knot x Loft x Handle Height x Overall Height)CommentsPrice
AP Shave Co. with Shave Forge boar knot28 x 59 x 48 x 106A big ol' boar!$10.00
AP Shave Co. with Viking Soap synthetic knot26 x 53 x 45 x 95This one is in two pieces because I was orginally going to try resetting the handle with a different knot. I never got around to doing that. Note that the white part of the handle had to be reglued to the red part (it came apart trying to get knot out) and I just ever so slightly misaligned it when setting the glue. You'd have to be really looking for it to notice.$5.00
Century Pure Badger (called pure, but probably best grade)23 x 55 x 55 x 110An interesting brush, US made. One mark on the handle. More info here: https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/nos-century-7090-us-made-brush.584695/$15.00
Certifyd #2 boar23 x 60 x 71 x 131A cool vintage brush, but the handle is very light and it’ll tip over easily.$12.00
Edwin Jagger Best Badger23 x 54 x 46 x 101A stone-cold classic and my first brush. Used to be the go-to recommendation at B&B.$25.00
Edwin Jagger Super Badger22 x 58 x 50 x 108This one is interesting--the knot size does not indicate how huge this one feels in use.$35.00
Epsilon Limited Edition horse28 x 49 x 48 x 97Want a Chubby in horse? Here's your brush. I really like this one, but, as with the Chubby, it's just too big for my preferences.$18.00
Ever-Ready F40 boar20 x 54 x 53 x 107Just a cool vintage brush. Badger-cased boar. I.e., a thin ring of badger around the boar knot. In use? It's a boar.$15.00
La Maison du Barbier synthetic23 x 55 x 48 x 103Apparently made by Plisson for the French market, with the same Plissoft fibers. A great, comfortable handle, but I prefer natural fibers.$20.00
Omega 81025 boar25 x 57 x 54 x 111A really soft, almost floppy boar. Too much so for my tastes, though I love the handle.$9.00
Parker Pure Badger Travel Brush20 x 53 x 105 x 158Slick design on this one and perfect for home or road$15.00
RazoRock Chrome Silvertip Plissoft24 x 57 x 63 x 120Heavy. Really heavy. And shiny.$10.00
Semogue Owners Club Mistura mixed badger/boar24 x 53 x 59 x 113Butterscotch Taj resin handle$40.00
Semogue Owners Club two-band badger23 x 53 x 59 x 113The SOC handles are really well designed and comfortable to hold.$30.00
Simpson 57 in Best Badger22.4 x 54 x 53 x 105I really like this brush and if I were collecting, I'd absolutely keep it. One small mark on the handle, which I tried to capture in the close-up shot.$67.00
Simpson Berkeley 46 in Best Badger21 x 46.5 x 45 x 91A great, classic Simpson. Perfect for travel.$27.00
Simpson Chubby 2 in Best Badger29 x 53 x 44 x 97The famous "wall of badger" is a great brush, but just too big for me. Note that the original owner didn’t have the Chubby box, so although this will come with a Simpson box, it will be for a Simpson Commodore X2.$80.00
Simpson Duke 3 in Best Badger23 x 52 x 47 x 97This one sheds--big time--and shows no sign of stopping. This is really for someone who (a) wants to get a feel for Simpson on the cheap or (b) wants the handle for a project brush. I used it for the first purpose and it was great for that. Even with the constant shedding this one will be a good, usable brush for a long time.$25.00
Vulfix Grosvenor mixed badger/boar24 x 50 x 53 x 103Another one I like that I'd keep if I were collecting. A really nice example of a mixed bristle brush.$12.00
Yaqi Moka synthetic24 x 52 x 54 x 107
Yaqi Mountain Lake two-band badger24 x 53 x 75 x 128A really nice feeling brush, the knot is too big for my tastes. Love that handle, though.$20.00
Zenith B07/B16 boar23 x 60 x 55 x 115Used only a few times, just wasn't a fan of the handle.$15.00


AP Shave Co with Shave Forge boar.jpg
AP Shave Co with Viking Soap synth.jpg
Century Pure Badger.jpg
Century Pure mark on handle.jpg
Certifyd #2 boar.jpg
Edwin Jagger Best Badger.jpg
Edwin Jagger Super Badger.jpg
Epsilon Limited Edition horse.jpg
Ever-Ready F40 boar.jpg
La Maison du Barbier synthetic.jpg

Ariana & Evans St. BartsUsed 3x, only scooped. Kaizen base.$30.00
Barrister & Mann Reserve Fern
Beaver Woodwright (now known as Black Ship Grooming) Ghost ShipScooped and brushed.$20.00
Declaration Grooming La Petite PrairieScooped only$25.00
Declaration Grooming NightmanMilksteak base$25.00
Declaration Grooming WeinstrasseMilksteak base, scooped only, used 2x. I believe CL was up for a prestigious award for this scent, but it was not for me.$30.00
Declaration Grooming Yuzu/Rose/PatchouliMilksteak base. Scooped only.$30.00
Ethos SuccesScooped only$45.00
Murphy & McNeil Gael LucKodiak base, so pour is less than their standard base$30.00
Noble Otter BarrbarrI think, but am not sure, that the soap is NO's earlier base.$20.00
Noble Otter FirefighterUsed 3x, scooped only. Limited edition, but wasn't my cup of tea.$37.00
Noble Otter Rawr
Noble Otter Two Kings
Pre de ProvenceLots of life still left and the scent cannot be beat.$6.00
RazoRock Don Marco1x on the aftershave and maybe 3x on the soap.$15.00
Stirling Baker StreetScooped and brushed.$15.00
Stirling Grapefruit with Menthol
Tallow + Steel Indian BayA lighter style Bay Rum to my nose.$25.00
Through the Fire Finecraft Through the FireI love this one, but something in TTFF soaps irritates my skin. Smells very much like a campfire.$10.00
Wholly Kaw Man From Mayfair soapLid is cracked, but still closes. Soap is well used, maybe 40% left? Tallow base.$8.00
Wholly Kaw Melange de SantalVegan base.$8.00

Set pics:

A&E St. Barts.jpg
Barrister & Mann Reserve Fern.jpg
Beaver Woodwright Ghost Ship.jpg
Declaration Grooming La Petite Prairie.jpg
Declaration Grooming Nightman.jpg
Declaration Grooming Weinstrasse.jpg
Declaration Grooming Yuzu Rose Patchouli.jpg
Ethos Succes.jpg
Murphy & McNeil Gael Luc.jpg
Noble Otter BarrBarr.jpg
Soaps and Creams:

Ariana & Evans Peach & Cognac, Kaizen baseKaizen base. Used 3x, scooped and brushed.$15.00
Beaver Woodwright (now known as Black Ship Grooming) Thomas Tew
Bignoli Blackberry MuskScooped only so far as I can tell.$9.00
Castle Forbes LavenderScooped only so far as I can tell.$10.00
Catie's Bubbles Menta TerrosaScooped and brushed.$5.00
CBL HommeUsed once or twice. Scooped only/$5.00
CBL Pineapple Cilantro BananaUsed twice, IIRC. Crazy combination, but smells great and would have been a keeper except that I got some irritation from it. Scooped only.$8.00
CellaScooped and brushed.$2.00
Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime cream
D.R. Harris Windsor shave stick
Dapper Dragon WassailScooped and brushed. A nice scent for the holidays.$4.00
Declaration Grooming Cuir et EpicesScooped only.$15.00
Figaro Monsieur soap
Fine Italian CitrusBrushed. Mr. Fine engraving still visible because the soap has been flipped and used from the bottom.$5.00
Jabonman MediterraneoHoles in lid from original owner to aid in drying.$20.00
La Toja stick
Maggard Limes and BergamotScooped and brushed.$4.00
Mama Bear Giovanni's Tuscan MemoriesOld school Mama Bear's glycerin soap. Great scent.$8.00
Mike's Natural Bay RumScooped and brushed.$7.00
Mitchell's Wool FatBrushed.$5.00
Palmolive Menthol shaving creamUsed 1 or 2x.$6.00
Proraso Green
Saponificio Varesino Manna di SiciliaScooped only so far as I can tell.$20.00
Speick creamUsed 1 or 2x.$4.00
Stone Cottage Soapworks Coconut Holiday creamUsed 1 or 2x. Scooped only.$8.00
Stone Cottage Soapworks Fougere soapUsed 1 or 2x. Scooped only.$4.00
Stone Cottage Soapworks Hesperide soapUsed 1 or 2x. Scooped only.$4.00
Stone Cottage Soapworks Spice Myrrh soapUsed 1 or 2x. Scooped only.$4.00
Stone Cottage Soapworks Suede de Kashmir soapUsed 1 or 2x. Scooped only.$4.00
Suavecito Shaving CreamUsed 1 or 2x. Scooped only.$5.00
Sudsy Soapery Vetiver and VanillaScooped and brushed.$4.00
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street60% or so. Scooped and brushed.$5.00
The Goodfellas Smile Abysso soapScooped only. Used 4x or so.$8.00
Through the Fire Fine Craft Currants and RosesMade or the B&B Sue Moore fundraiser a few years ago. Fantastic scent, but something in TTFFC soaps irritates my skin.$5.00
Wholly Kaw Chypre Rose ConcertoScooped and brushed. Tallow base.$13.00
WilliamsModern Combe version, unopened.$3 each or $5 for both


A&E Peach & Cognac.jpg
Beaver Woodwright Thomas Tew.jpg
Bignoli Blackberry Musk.jpg
Castle Forbes Lavender Shave Cream.jpg
Catie's Bubbles Menta Terrosa.jpg
CBL Homme.jpg
CBL Pineapple Cilantro Banana.jpg
Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime.jpg
D.R. Harris Windsor.jpg
Preshaves, Aftershaves, and Balms:

Barrister & Mann Reserve CoolAn aquatic.$10.00
BrutA classic, but I've come to the conclusion that I don't like fougeres.$3.00
Captain's Choice Lime
Chatillon Lux ColbeckNo longer made, I believe.$8.00
Chatillon Lux Pre-shave ButterNo longer made. Add a bit of water and rub to warm it up and it soaks right in to your skin. A little goes a long, long way. Very moisturizing, which is not something I need.$10.00
L'Occitane afterhsave balmUsed 5-6 times by me; not sure before. I'm not a fan of balms.$2.00
Proraso White pre-shave balmHeavily used, but plenty left.$2.00
RazoRock King Louis aftershave lotion

RazoRock King Louis aftershave wax
Suavecito aftershave creamA pleasant, clean scent on this one. Similar to a balm.$4.00
Suavecito pre-shave oilNot that your pre-shave needs to smell good, but this one sure does.$4.00


BandM Reserve Cool.jpg
Captains Choice Lime.jpg
Chat Lux Colbeck.jpg
Chatillon Lux Pre-shave butter.jpg
LO Balm.jpg

Chiseled Face Midnight StagIt's not for everyone, but it is for me--I bought a full tub. Maybe you will, too.$1.00
Jabonman Vetiver de Haiti
$ 4.00
Martin de Candre Fougere soap
Martin de Candre Original soapTake both the Fougere and the Original for $6$3.00
Nancy Boy
Nuavia Blu
Pinaud Clubman Whiskey Woods and Special Reserve aftershaves
Saponificio Varesino sample pack: 70th Ann., Cubebe, and Dolomiti
Southern Witchcrafts sample pack: Necromantic, Druantia, Autumn AshPic of Necromantic is in the Free section, but it goes with this sample pack. Necromantic is my favorite shaving scent of all time. Amazing stuff.$2.00
Stirling aftershave sample pack: Mountain Man, Sharp Dressed Man, Executive Man, Stirling Blu
Wickham 1912 sample pack: English Rose, Magnum, and Cola
Zingari Man sample pack: The Explorer, The Magician, The Nomad, and The Wanderer

Forum software has stuck in a do loop. I'll try posting this and doing photos separately.

Stirling collapsible shave bowlonly used a couple of times$4.00
Suavecito Firme Pomadeused 3-4 times, original scent$6.00
Suavecito x Universal Monsters Clay Pomadeused a couple of times, original scent$6.00


Stirling travel bowl.jpg
Suavecito Firme Hold pomade.jpg
Suavecito The Mummy Clay Pomade.jpg
And the Free items. Free items are one per $25 spent (or any fraction thereof) and first come, first served.

Art of Shaving "Perfect Shave" sampler
Captain's Choice sample pack: soap, balm, cream
Clubman Lilac VegetalUgh. Not for me, but respect to those of you who like this!
Edwin Jagger Aloe Vera cream and aftershave lotion sample
Gillette 1940s Super SpeedNote that this razor has rust on the safety bar.
Gold tone spoonsTwo available. This is what I use to scoop all soaps since I saw the light and quit brush lathering.
Murphy & McNeil Old Sport and OuroborosOuroboros isn't pictured
Noble Otter The Trail
Old Spice PomadeUsed 1x
Olea Caribbean Dream
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Ciderhouse 5
RazoRock Black Bay Rum
Saponificio Varesino Desert Vetiver balmTwo available.
Soap Commander Integrity (unscented) balm
Stirling ArkadiaAll Stirling soap samples were brush loaded. Still a ton of life left in each sample or use it to test out a scent at no cost.
Stirling Bay Rum splash
Stirling Coconut Lime
Stirling Electric Sheep
Stirling Eskimo Tuxedo
Stirling Gin & Tonic On the Rocks sample
Stirling Iced Pineapple
Stirling Island ManAlmost forgot about this one. Not pictured and I don't have a label for it, but same condition as the other Stirling samples.
Stirling Piacenza balm
Stirling Sandalwood soap
Stirling Weekend in Malibu sample
Stone Cottage Cedre Noir
Stone Cottage Coconut Sandalwood
Turtleship Lime
Turtleship Te Java
Valloloko Free Dive

Note: I accidentally put the Southern Witchcrafts Necromantic in the free picture, but it's part of an SW sample pack, above.


Free Items.jpg
Gillette 40s Super Speed.jpg
Old Spice Pomade.jpg
Undoubtedly I've got a typo or a missing photo and I'll correct any I see...

Mods, you can tell by the date in the photos that I intended to have this posted yesterday, but it took way longer to get everything together than I anticipated. If I need a new handwritten sign with today's date, please let me know and I'll take a giant group photo.

Thanks for looking, everybody!
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