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Taylor A/S Balm

Have any of you tried the Taylor's A/S Balm? I see that they offer it in 3 scents (www.classicshaving.com).

I just ordered a bottle of Mr. Taylor's cologne and noticed that they have after shave balms as well.

Just curious if anyone's had good results ...


- Dave
I have a collection of them.. Be aware that not all fragrances have balms. Some have gels. As a matter of fact, my favorite is the Maroon Range (aka Shaving Shop) and that is a gel! The Maroon Range gel's container is a metallic squeeze tube. While not the spiffiest thing to keep on your shelf, the preparation is just fine.


Please note upper right hand corner for the tube..(Next to moose butt)
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Thanks Ron, nice photo work there.

If I end up liking the Mr. Taylor's cologne when it arrives I might have to pick up the after shave balm/gel.
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