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Davidoff Cool Water - Its Awesome - Have You tried it?

I wore Cool Water pretty much every day during my last year of high school and first couple years of college. I liked it fine, but my girlfriend (now wife) was crazy about it and always bought it for me at Christmas, birthday, etc. I got a lot of compliments from other girls as well, come to think of it. Maybe I need to revisit it lol.
They came up with "Cool Water Reborn" recently. None of the "expert" critics seem to have realized that it's just a rebranded "Cool Water Nightdive" (discontinued) which I happen to own also.

Hello there! I haven't kept up with the many offerings from Davidoff, the only scent that I have tried, is Davidoff Cool Water, in which the bottle is down to half way now. Which variation of Davidoff's offerings do you believe, is the best scent for you?

Most recently, I have been taking deep dives into Creed Aventus clones, and I got this ALT Executive #26 Parfum...


This stuff is amazing IMO. It opens up into a citrus lemon/lime scent. Then in the dry down, I begin picking up the scent of Vanilla, which provides this Parfum some sweetness to it, which I quite like. Then after an hour, I pickup the warm woody tones. I'd consider this a 95% clone to Creed Aventus, and I highly recommend it! Also, because its a Parfum, it also lasts longer then a Eau De Toilette.
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