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Tabula Rasa

So I decided to purchase a tub of Tabula Rasa (don't tell the wife) since my EJ and CoB are almost all gone. Figured I'd try an unscented cream and see how I like it. So, last night I pulled out my face washing soap, rinsed up and started in. Lathering was basic and simple (I lather with brush in palm method). Brush on face and quick as a tic my face was ready to feel the blade. Five minutes later and ready for reverse shave. Relather in a snap, blade it through, rinse and slap on the Proraso aftershave. No nicks, cuts or bruises...

Holy Smokes! This stuff is awesome! I've never had a better feeling to my skin afterwards in 22 years of shaving. Not just smooth, but an almost silky feeling. I'm officially a believer.

Facial soap: Dr. Bronners hemp peppermint pure castile soap
Brush: Lee's Pure Badger
Razor: Merkur 23c long handle
Aftershave: Proraso green
$IMG_4349.jpgJust unboxed: TR Vetiver & Tangerine, Dark Lavender, Tea (Coriander/Bergamot), and Herbs (Ginger/Rosemary/Lemongrass...). Xenia was nice enough to throw in a sample of "Steam Punk". As others have noted, Xenia is a pleasure to work with and made ordering/shipping easy. Now I just have to decide which one to try first...
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