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Tabac pucks in OS mugs...question

I bought my dad a puck of Tabac and one of the short oldspice mugs and it did not fit. Will this soap fit in any of the Old Spice mugs?

On a similar note, will MWF fit any of them either?

Thanks :blush:
I don't think any mug is big enough to fir a puck of MWF into it. You can always just grate the soap into the mug so it will fit perfectly.
The problem is that Vintage OS mugs are made to accept a standard sized puck, MWF and tabac are metric soaps :lol:

But seriously, +1 to grating the soaps or just take a pocketknife and shave the puck down to fit the mug, toss the trimmings under the puck, and lather away :thumbup1:
Instead of grating the whole puck, just shave down the edges of the puck and throw the shavings in the bottom. If your mug has slanty edges make sure you shave your puck to a slant. Its less work and will look more attractive (if that is something you care about). Be careful not to cut yourself.

Edit: Telecaster beat me to it. Do what he said.
I have one of the standard Old Spice Mugs (the kind designed to hold a puck of Old Spice Soap; it has the risers in the bottom of the mug), and my puck of Tabac fit in it perfectly with zero modification. :tongue_sm
I don't think any mug is big enough to fir a puck of MWF into it.

Oh yes it is. I had to use some pressure but I got the puck of MWF to go into the Old Spice mug until the surface of the puck was flush with the rim of the mug.
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