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Susan G. Komen fundraiser.


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I just wanted to share something with all of you. I am sure a lot of you noticed I got pretty involved in the fundraiser for Breast Cancer in the name of Sue. There are a number of reasons why I support that charity, here is one. I received some news today that really gives a big :thumbup: for what we did.

A good friend of mine's wife was diagnosed with advanced stage two breast cancer early this year. I just received a phone call from him a few minutes ago.
They received the results of her most recent biopsy...............

Cancer Free!

So in the last two years my Mother in Law and a good friend have beat this.

Way to go all of you who continue to support this research.
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Yea me and my family support the fight against breast cancer. My grandmother was a 5x breast cancer survivor before she passed I'm glad that your friend's wife came victorious and there are other supporters out there.
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