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Super Iridium - Two Different Colored Boxes

Sorry I can't post a picture now but I think this will be clear. I've got two batches of SIs. The boxes and blades are identical in all respects as far as I can tell ... except for one. The large volume I recently bought from Spain come in a pretty dark blue color whereas the earlier ones I got come in a medium blue, much lighter in color than my most recent batch. I know about the counterfeit SIs and checked out both varieties I have. As I said they are identical in all writing, fonts, etc, and match the description of "real" SIs. But the shades of blue are very different.

Anyone else notice this?
The last batch I bought from West Coast, when they were still available, came in the lighter blue box. I also have some of the darker blue box but I can't recall where I bought them.
I've noticed the different richness in color as well.

Another thing I noticed is that the blades in the "deeper" colored boxes do not have number "D11138" printed on the blade wrapper under the words "Made in Russia do not wipe rinse only". Otherwise the boxes and blades appear to be genuine in every way. Has anyone else noticed this?


I found the following link which shows that others with real SI blades have found some packages do not have the "D11138" code printed on the outer blade wrapper -

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Thanks for that link. I didn't realize this subject had been discussed before. I've got both colors ( a lot of the dark blue, a few packs of the light blue). So far I haven't noticed any difference. But I'll play closer attention next time.
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