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Super Iridium question.

Okay, shave #2 on the Wiz SI. I used the same razor (Timeless titanium .68 SB) with Uncle Jon's Pipe Smoke soap. The shave felt very smooth, the slight audio feedback I get from the Timeless TI seemed the same as the previous morning, but the final result was nowhere near as close as yesterday's shave. Yesterday I rated 5/5, today I would only give it a 4/5. Temples and adam's apple are both a bit rough to the touch. If tomorrow's result is the same or worse, the blade is binned. This is my first use of this blade (I picked up 5 from Tryablade). It has been trending on B&B the past week and I thought I'd give this one a try. Also picked up some more Med Preps, which have always been my luxury go-to.
And shave #3. Same razor, used Matas Men shave soap (a cheap but effective Danish brand). Still not as close as day 1, but not noticeably different from day 2. Smooth feel, some stubble left behind even after 3 head passes and 2 face. Close, but it wouldn't pass a cotton ball test. So that said, I cannot replicate your rough shave with the blade.
Being rather new to DE shaving, I have a question about the Wizamet Super Iridium.
I used it for a head shave yesterday, BBS in two passes.
My scalp is fully haired, so there is a lot of surface being shaved.
Today, using the same blade, I immediately sensed the blade was rough, not sharp at all.
I loaded a fresh blade, and it shaved very good.
Could this blade dull after one head shave?
The sharpness of a blade varies from shave to shave. Yes, I think it is possible.
Could the extremely hard water in my area play a role, or the coarseness of my hair?
I think it is the coarseness of the hair. The right prep might help.
Or should I have dried the blade?
Drying the blade will minimize corrosion but I’m not sure that is what is causing this.
I am very puzzled now.
Your thoughts are highly appreciated.
A head and face shaver studied blade sharpness with mechanical measurements. “Refinedshave”. Your conclusions may vary from his.

I am not a head shaver but there appears to be a lot of wear on the blade from your description.

I hope this makes sense.
I only shave my face. But it sounds like you want a blade that does it all. You might find one that does both well. But I saw one reply where he used one for the face and one for the head. So you might think about looking at these as separate shaves. So maybe one blade for the face that gives you a great shave. And maybe a more durable blade for the head. Good look with your search.
I do not head shave,
but face with a wizamet si is usually around 10 days a little bit depending on razor and which soap or if I scrub before.
And once in a while I have a blade which lasts under a week and starts messing me up. So it could easily be a dud.
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