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Sung Homme Purple vs Blue

To my nose I find the blue to be a little lighter smelling to the purple. It's a little brighter, but both are pretty much the same. The blue brings to mind Joop. I wouldn't be bothered if I grabbed either the blue or purple by accident. I've always liked this fragrance.
The thing is, unless you find it open box like on eBay or in a thrift/antique shop, there's no way to tell the color. Mine is blue and I'm happy with it, but curiosity always gets the better of me. I'll probably track down a purple just to see if I can tell the difference as well.
This is interesting. I would be very interested to know the answer. My guess is that they are intended to be the same brand of fragrance. Maybe they are from different eras and the batches/formulations are slightly different.

Before I read this, my guess is that they are the same. The color differences I have seen I attributed to the different bottle designs. The one with the integrated cap sprayer looked blue and the one with the removable cap appeared purple to my cursory internet search.