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Stupid question time


George Bailey Fanboy
In message #18, he predicted your demise at the hands of the War Department.......Somewhere around Black Friday IIRC.
ADHD is real. So is early onset dementia. I forgot I even posted before #18!

"Where am l? What am I doing here?"


George Bailey Fanboy
If he is married, the latter occurred very shortly after his wife found out that the former was caused from purchasing shaving supplies.
Man, I do need help!
Example: Saturday I brought the remote control for my hearing aids.

I forgot to wear my hearing aids!
The older I get, the more my thoughts turn to the hereafter.
I walk into a room and ask myself, "Now what was I in here after?"

That gets to be a problem when you realize you're standing in the bathroom.

I'd have to check "teh googles" but I believe it was Karl Jung who said something about never having met a man over 40 who wasn't preoccupied with his imminent demise.

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