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Stone between 10k & Nats?

Well that was eye opening.
The shapton set the bevel nicely, didn’t feel very sharp, did shave hair. The transition to the Hayabusa was a surprise - it’s so fine for the grit rating, it took ages. I wondered if I was nuts, did 10 strokes on the gesshin 4k, my old standard, and all the 1.5k scratches were demolished. I went back to the hayabusa, and it still took ages to remove the gesshin 4k scratches, probably 15-20” working steadily with slurry. So they’re very different families of stones, totally different feedback.

Hopped up to the naniwa pro 5k, and it was whittling hairs. Felt very sharp for the grit. Hopped up to the ohishi 10k, and the edge felt a bit duller. The surface of the stone also feels grittier to the touch. Went back to the naniwa 5k, and took longer than I expected to get the “I’m ready” feedback I was looking for. But, it was back to just as sharp as it felt earlier. Don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Tools can make a difference. Not saying I’m a better honer, but dang that was a stark contrast. Lots to think about.
That is interesting. My own synth progression is Shapton 1.5 to Hayabusa 4k, and that's what I've been using since I switched from films, so I can't really compare the Hayabusa's speed to anything. But I do spend a fair amount of time on it and I could certainly see the benefit of slotting another stone in between them.

The Hayabusa seems to benefit from frequent lapping.
Those gesshin knife stones are basically the most aggressive I’ve found on the market so that’s not surprising, but it’s clear they’re geared for very different tasks. That crazy speed is a real benefit when you need to maintain angle control. I can’t imagine holding a knife at a consistent angle on the hayabusa for 20”.
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