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Stirling Sharp Dressed Man and Ben Franklin?

Both are fine scents. I like the Ben Franklin. The Sharp Dressed Man has more earthy tones, while Ben Franklin has more spicy tones. Both are milder scents, not like a heavy spice fragrance like Bay Rum or a sharp pine scent. Both are distinctive and pleasing.

And as said above, both make a smooth, slick lather.
Love Ben Franklin! It's one of my favorites from Stirling.

At first I thought SDM wasn't for me because of how the puck smelled so I PIFed it. After getting an aftershave sample from Rod I think I would have liked it more if I had lathered it up. Doh!
I had both, though sold them as part of a den reduction a while back. Ben Franklin kind of reminded me of root beer a little bit. It was pleasant, though it had a weird synthetic note that popped out once in a while. The sharp dressed man was so mild I couldn't really smell it. I think stirling has been through a couple reformulations since I bought those pucks. I will say the current stuff is a much better performer than the ones I had previously
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