Stirling Dunshire vs Acqua di Gio

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    Hi folks, I've been searching Reddit, this forum, Google, etc., and haven't really found an answer for my question, so here goes:

    I've been shaving with Stirling Dunshire soap for a little while and I'm really enjoying it. It inspired me to go to the mall and check out the perfume it's based on. I'm finding that Dunshire has an excellent fruity blast in its opening and the jasmine heart seems to last a long time. Acqua di Gio smells pretty similar when sprayed at too-close range onto a sample card... but when applied properly onto my skin I found it just turned into a sort of "fresh laundry" cologne scent very quickly and had none of the sweetness that I enjoy when I use the Dunshire soap.

    I prefer the sweetness of the soap over the real thing, and if the Dunshire EdT smelled the same way I think I'd rather wear that than the Georgio Armani! Does anybody know if the Dunshire aftershave / EdT have that same vibe, or do they lean more toward the dryer-sheets scent of the original perfume? I know that the soaps and EdT's don't typically smell quite the same. I can't get samples for the EdT in Canada and I don't know if I want to buy a whole bottle of it blind.
  1. I haven’t used ADG in years, but Sandpiper AS is one of my favorite scents. It’s a good clean, citrus, floral, and spice scent.
  2. I do enjoy the Sandpiper shave soap but the real YSL la nuit de l'Homme irritates my sinuses, so I'm pretty hesitant to try the Sandpiper EdT.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, how close is this to the real YSL?

    I really like La Nuit de L'Homme, but it's quite expensive for my budget.
  4. The soap and YSL perfume are very close. If I tried them on separate days I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference (except that YSL hurts my nose and Stirling doesn't). I had to have them both on at the same time before I could spot a difference in how they smell.
  5. Thanks for your input. I was looking at this and their Acqua di Gio clones as I love both of those fragrances, and think I'd really enjoy the soaps and aftershaves as well. Glad to know the YSL clone is close enough that it works as a substitute. :)
  6. Sandpiper is very close, yes. Dunshire is less close to the real thing but I like it a lot and get nothing but compliments when I use it.
  7. Very nice, I'm glad to hear it's good as well. Thank you for the additional input.

    As long as the soap and aftershave are "close enough" that sounds good to me, as the price is right, and I really enjoy these two fragrances.

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