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stealing a shave

Did anyone else scroll through the comments?
I loved this one.

"Posted by MrDanny on 05/07/09 at 10:23AM

No mystery here...he's probably just a dad. As a guy who raised two girls there were days I considered breaking into my neighbor's house just so I could shave in peace. "
Hilarious!!. Sounds like the episode of 'COPS' I saw where the husband and wife came home to find a guy who had broken in and showered leaving with their towel wrapped around him and wearing a pair of the woman's panties. They caught him and held him there till the police came.

Another reason to leave an old rusty blade in a bent adjustable when you leave home.

PS: Where the missing lifesavor's LIME flavored?. I'd be checking Limecat's whereabouts on that day...hee, hee.
I don't know about the rest of you, but this story floods back memories of a disturbing cartoon.


"Just what I always wanted.. Shaving Scum!"
my fiance lives in edison and i went to grad school in new brunswick. this guy must know something i don't cause ALL of central jersey seems to have no water pressure.
Somehow this post was the funniest one yet. And I'm not ragging on Jersey.

the sad part is its true. i've been with my fiance for 4 years and having showered at her house several hundred times i can say there is no water pressure.

oddly enough staten island has TOO much water pressure.
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