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Spinning Cedar


Looks great. I love cedar. My first memories of my hero grandfather was his cedar cabinets in his house. I remember to this day the first time I stayed at his house and he got sheets and pillow cases out of the cabinet. I still remember the smell of cedar. Now every time I smell it I am reminded of him.
The wood is from you Jay
It does :) ,but it makes me sneeze.
But I already knew that :)
LOL I couldn’t remember what I gave you. I haven’t turned any of the maple yet, I have it sitting aside so it will spalt more. Cedar makes me sneeze too, and somehow manages to give me a runny and stuffy nose at the same time. Usually my nose is messed up for a day. It’s worth it though, that is one beautiful brush.
Does cedar take a CA finish well. I always thought Cedar was hard to cover because of the oils but I may be misinformed.