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Spanish Shaving Creams


Alvarez Gomez was a wonderful cream when I last used it. Spectacular scent. Good performance all around if memory serves me. Very refreshing. Regards
I've tried La Toja Sensitive and Lea Menthol. It's been years since I've tried them, but I got good shaves with them. The Lea Menthol was really frigid to me.
That's a perfect summary, and tells me I need to get the Pro too. Thanks.
Hi, just to provide you with an update.

My LEA Professional restock just arrived from Connaught Shaving. While the price and performance remain unchanged, the scent smells different from the one I bought a year ago. Instead of citrusy-cologne, the scent now feels more floral, soapy and lighter. Still pleasant but pales in comparison to the 2018 tube that I enjoyed very much; I am slightly disappointed and wished they had not tweaked their formula.
I just used my lea yesterday. its average cream but i like it. The as is exceeding mild in scent even when i pour it on. I like la toja too correct me but i dont think its made in spain now? I was intrigued by the special salts but i didn't notice any special magic powers
To my best knowledge, following the purchase of the brand by Schwarzkop & Henkel, they move the production of the shaving stick to Slovakia. Before becaming full wetsahver 3 years ago, I shave for ~2 decades with a badger brush, a cartridge, and La Toja Stick. For me, it is a scent that inmediatly remembers me of shaving.
Regarding the salts, this soap originally was made in la isla de la Toja (la toja island), where there is a salty hot spring. La toja brand made there a facility (balneario, a health resort) and manufactured shower-cosmetic products that has been around spanish houses for over a century. There was a tale that some monks leave a sick donkey on that island, and found it after some time quite healthy and a great fur. Well, most likely false, but... the monks start there the termal house and start to make soap over a century ago.
I live in Spain and use Spanish products whenever I can. Lea is very well-priced but a bit drying (my barber seconds me on that). I haven't tried its Classic shaving cream but plan to do so in view of the very positive comments on Spanish forums about the smell and overall performance. I don't like the smell of La Toja so it's not on my shelf. One of the best shaving creams on the market is the "Barberia" range by Alvarez Gomez. I've been using the cream for a while now, and the smell, lather, smoothness, everything, puts it in the top rank for me. I highly recommend it.
Thank you!
My pleasure!

BTW, I just bought a tube of the Lea Classic shaving cream and to be honest it was a bit of a disappointment. Works well enough, a pretty standard cream by any standards, but the fragrance was weak with no trace of sandalwood to my mind. I'd pass on that little beggar and save your euros for a pot of Alvarez Gomez Barberia shaving cream. It's a lovely mix of ginger and citrus with something musky behind all the lemons and oranges. And it works up a really nice creamy lather. I combine it with Fine's L'Orange Noir aftershave and walk out smelling like a true macho iberico...
Alvarez Gomez is one of the best scented shaving creams I ever smelled. The performance on the other hand was good, but not great. You’ll like it!
i agree...i like the citrus like barbershop scent. i havent used mine in a while and probably have 70% of my tub left.
i really should get back to it sometime.