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Source for Dorco Cartridges

Has anyone settled on a source for Dorco cartridges since Dorco closed shop in the US?

Amazon has them, but their listings are disorganized and a bit tricky to find what you want. Prices aren't as nice as Dorco was either.

I went looking for Pace 3 cartridges and after spending some time on Amazon, tried ebay. Find a nice price and ordered 16 at a nice price. Shipped quickly, faster than Amazon unless you are Prime. When they came, the packaging and packing slip showed the order was fulfilled by . . . Amazon.
Amazon is your only option now that Dorco stopping selling through their site. If you dont mind the Pace 4, you could just get the 4X from Dollar Shave Club.
I've run into the same issue, my wife uses their twin blade carts and I was able to get them as low as $0.20 per cart (and each one lasts her over a week) via dorco USA bulk pricing combined with discount codes... She doesn't like non pivoting heads and the cheap personna twins are far too sharp for her needs so I guess she is getting Gillette sensor disposables until we figure something else out.

Another demographic this really hurts are headblade users, $10 for 4 rebranded pace 4 carts direct from headblade or as low as $0.30 per cart via dorco USA and coupon codes... No more.
Barbasol razors are Dorco's you can get them in the supermarkets.
I know but their twin blade disposables have a different design then their twin blade carts. I do find the dorco/barbasol twin blade disposables far superior to the Gillette good news (or what ever sensor label they slapped on those recently) in their sharpness and longevity but these are specifically for my wife who prefers the slightly recessed blades and completely open back of the dorco twins carts.
Another Dorco seller. I can tell from the location, Ohio, and the pics that this is the same person I bought some from on eBay. One of the answers to the questions says it is an off brand. Well the ones I got are exactly the same as the ones I got that were branded Swipe, as well as ones I got under other brands. Plus the carts match the pics on dorcoglobal.com exactly. So if it looks like a duck...
I only paid $1 a cart though. Search ebay for “fits dorco” he may have some still available there.
I was at Wegmans for the first time today and they had the Dorco Pace 6 Plus and refill packs under the Topcare brand. At more than $1 per cart not a good deal but the razor comes with 2 carts I think for less than $7 so if you want to try one of the best if not the best Dorco this is a good entry point.

It looked exactly like this https://www.dorcoglobal.com:6541/goods/goods.php?go_table=basic&g_id=5&gc_id=2&per=2

It doesnt link directly to it for some reason so please scroll down on that page.

I also looked at their Everyman Jack and you could see the connector on the handle looked like a Dorco and the back of the carts looked like Dorco and it said blades made in Korea. It wasnt a Pace 6 Plus since there was no mention of a trimmer blade and the pic on the box didnt look like a Pace 6 Plus so I assume it was a regular Pace 6. But Dorco sells 3 different 6 bladers and I dont know if they are all called Pace since they dont use that terminology on their site https://www.dorcoglobal.com:6541/goods/goods.php?go_table=basic&gc_id=2&per=2
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In New England, the store brand of Demoulas Market Basket is made by Dorco. Costs less than Dollar Shave Club or ordering Dorco through Amazon.
In New England, the store brand of Demoulas Market Basket is made by Dorco. Costs less than Dollar Shave Club or ordering Dorco through Amazon.
Cool. Which Dorco model? I am in New Jersey. I bought mine on eBay for about $1 per cart. New Swipe handle in one of the deals that maybe cost $2 or $3 if you assume $1 per cart in that deal. Maybe not as nice as the Topcare handle I pictured but sturdy with a good grip.
Btw, how is Dollar Shave Club still in business? I found articles from several years ago outing the fact that they are Dorcos and can be bought for less elsewhere. Directly from Dorco, but you cant do that anymore. But all these Amazon and ebay sellers and store brands, etc. Seems to me that if you were savvy enough to find DSC and order online you would have discovered all these other options now as well. I read that DSC claims they add value? What value? The only value added is the perceived value of their products at higher prices.

And btw, the people selling Bromley branded Dorcos think they are selling gold. I dont have Krogers in my area.
A lot. Twin, triple, quadruple, and sextuple bladed cartridges. Disposables for, at least, songle, twin, and triple blades. DE blades, too.
Nice. Wait, I just reread your post. I have a Market Basket near me. Demoulas threw me off. I assume it is the same chain as here. I will have to check it out even though I have plenty of Pace 6 Plus carts already lol. And some DG body Pace 3s that DG no longer sells. Add in my DE blades, injectors, and various other carts and I shouldnt need to buy any more blades for at least 5 to 7 years or more!

I just never thought that Market Basket sold shaving supplies. I am not sure if I have ever been in the store.
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