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Fusion Cartridge Alternatives

A couple of years ago or so, I saw an ad for Personna cartridges for Gillette Fusion razors. I ordered them through Amazon. Personna didn't show up on the labeling. They were labeled as Easy Fit and the labeling identified them as manufactured by Edgewell, the parent of Schick, Wilkinson Sword, and many other shaving related brands. What I discovered is that the cartridges were essentially orange and black Schick Hydro 5 with Gillette Fusion docking. For those that don't like the Hydro 5 product because of the creamy indents along the top that some think is too slimy, these don't have the cream.

So that gave me the opportunity to use the Gillette Fusion Handle with the Dyson Ball type feature that allows the cartridge to follow your facial topography more easily. It is about half the price of the genuine Gillette Fusion Cartridges. The cost of Gillette Fusion cartridges is what drove me to find alternatives in the first place.

I mostly shave using Dorco products these days, but I like to switch off once in a while. Besides Gillette, I also have Schick, Cremo, Bull Dog, and other cartridges. I occasionally use one of several DE razors too.

Yesterday at Wall Mart I found their Equate 5 Blade Refills that fits Equate 5 blade and Fusion Handles. Guess what, It is exactly the same as Easy fit. Even the plastic rack they come in is the same and the lid to the rack from Easy Fit fits over the Equate rack.

Anyway, they are about half the price of Gillette Fusion cartridges.
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