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    so thinking of growing a soul patch for that hard to shave area. Something like Tom Selleck had in Quigley Down Under. Or is that too creepy.
  1. Personal opinion, so please take it with a grain of salt. I have had a beard, and will again in another month. I have also had a goatee, and it wasn't horrible. A soul patch just doesn't entice me, nor does my wife want to have me with one. Again, just my personal opinion.

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  2. Ya know matter how hard I try my wife would most likely choose Tom Selleck over me.
  3. My wife prefers no facial hair as well. I have done the full beard and various facial hair before though. I am kinda tempted to just grow a moustache though these days.
  4. Wife likes a goatee, but likes it trimmed more closely than I prefer. so, every once in a while I will grow one, but it never lasts. Tried the soul patch once, thinking that, as it's under the lips, the wife would not be so fussy . . . WRONG.

    Also, I hated it too, but don't tell her that.
  5. emwolf

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    Dizzy Gillespie rocked the patch, so did Zappa. I've always associated it with musicians.
  6. I think it can work paired with a mustache, but on its own it usually screams "beatnik," "lech," or "lecherous beatnik."

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